Keeping the Screen On

Do you often have to touch the display of your Android phone or tablet to prevent it from turning off? It's time to take control of the screen! And AceScreen can help you with the task of keeping your phone display on.

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The app that just gets it right

We are users like you. Just like you, we used to say, "I want my screen to stay on longer when I'm viewing my news feed or waiting for someone to reply!" We first created AceScreen for our own use. And we have been using this app in our daily life for a long time. We constantly improve our app based on different situations that we ourselves face every day.

True story from Alec, the lead developer of AceScreen:

During those years, I often lectured. I used to take my notes for the upcoming class on my brand new Samsung Galaxy S5. But the same misfortune haunted me all the time. At the most inopportune moment of my lecture, in the place of my notes, I saw a black screen. I have probably tried all the apps that were available at the time that promised my phone's screen would stay on. Some apps worked better, some worse. But they all let me down. That's why I fell in love with the idea of creating the AceScreen app to keep my phone's display on when I needed it. And I didn't notice how this newly created app became my good friend both at work and in everyday life.

Why use AceScreen?

Find out below why AceScreen is a powerful yet simple way to better control the screen of your Android device.

Stay focused on your tasks while increasing your productivity!

AceScreen prevents the Android device from going to sleep based on the current needs of the user. Enjoy the tranquility you've always dreamed of. Let your fingers rest! Stay focused on your tasks. Let AceScreen take care of the screen. This app will easily keep your Android screen awake regardless of whether you are currently charging your device or not.

Install our app on your phone or tablet today and forget about the problem of the device screen going to sleep at the wrong time.

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