How AceScreen works

We know how difficult it is to find a balance between keeping the screen awake and saving battery power on your Android device. But we're believe that AceScreen just gets it right. That's why our app offers two modes of operation. This allows the app to adapt to almost any situation in everyday life.

Automatic mode

In automatic mode, AceScreen uses sensors (such as accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity, etc.) and other available information (such as whether a docking station is being used or the type of charger, if connected) to get the job done.

  • The device is held in the hand. When the user holds the device in their hand, the app keeps the screen on.
  • The device is tilted. When the phone or tablet is tilted, even slightly, the app still keeps the display awake! You also like to read while you eat, don't you?
  • Never sleeping apps. Select the apps for which you want the screen to always stay on.
  • The device is in a horizontal position. If you place the device on a level surface and do not use it for a while, the screen will turn off shortly. Everything happens automatically, you no longer need to press the power button to achieve it.
  • The device is charging or docked. Special options if you often use the docking station or keep your device on a charge. For each dock type and charging mode, you can set an alternate rule.

Manual mode

Sometimes you may want the screen not to turn off under any circumstances. For such cases, manual mode is the right thing.

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Key features

From the beginning of creating the app, our top priorities were the following:

  • Reliability. You, as a user, must be sure that the application does not let you down at the most inconvenient moment.
  • Ease of use. We don't want you to get lost in a bunch of settings. The default configuration should be suitable for most users.
  • Compatibility. AceScreen supports a wide variety of devices. Our application can work both on old phones from the distant 2015, and on flagship models of the next generation.
  • Lock screen protection. Protects your lock screen from accidental touches when your device is in a narrow and confined space. If your device is in your pocket or backpack and the screen turns on accidentally, AceScreen will immediately turn off the screen. Thus, it will help you avoid sudden unexpected music playback, random dialing of numbers on your phone, gibberish replies to messages, and wasting your phone's battery power.
  • Careful use of resources. The application should conserve battery power and use other resources of the device gently. For example, AceScreen will automatically pause when you manually turn off the display.
  • Stylish. Great icons, illustrations and photos from Ionicons, Unsplash, Freepik and SVGRepo that will delight your eyes.
  • User privacy. No spying on users, no intrusive ads, only necessary permissions to work properly.

Main Advantages of AceScreen

Here is a far from complete list of the advantages of the AceScreen app:

  • No ads. We understand that the utility app should be as imperceptible as possible. Therefore, ads are out of place here.
  • Modern and up-to-date. AceScreen works on the latest generation devices when most alternative apps just fail. We try to take into account the peculiarities of specific devices released by major manufacturers such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Motorola, Realme, Amazon, LG, Sony, OnePlus, Asus, Lenovo, ZTE, Alcatel and so forth.
  • Partially open source software. The security-sensitive parts of our application are open source and available in our public repository on GitHub. This allows anyone who wants to study the source code, express their thoughts and, if desired, contribute.
  • Customer service. Our priority is to provide you with a flawless experience using our app. That is why we are constantly fixing bugs and also working to improve AceScreen's stability, performance and accessibility.
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